Honor Code

Honor Code:

At SCA, every student implicitly acknowledges an understanding of and a willingness to support the honor system which is based on Christian values and behaviors which are necessary in becoming a productive adult.  Therefore, the following behaviors are explicitly prohibited at SCA and any of these offenses will result in consequences deemed necessary by administration.


Cheating - Cheating is defined as giving or receiving help on any pledged assignment. Cheating also includes the passing of information on tests to students who have yet to take the tests.


Lying/Misrepresentation - Lying is the intentional misrepresentation of facts to a member of the faculty, administration or fellow student. Forgery is a misrepresentation.


Stealing - Stealing is taking or borrowing, without permission, anything that is not rightfully one’s own. This includes anything that is another person’s or school property.


Disrespect – Disrespect is a lack of respect or esteem demonstrated in word, verbal or written, or in behavior.

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